Through the Bible C-2000 series with Pastor Chuck Smith on Flash Drive

Through the Bible C-2000 series on Flash Drive

Chuck Smith

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Class: New/Old Testament Survey 2

Teacher: Woodcock

Study the Bible with Pastor Chuck Smith!

You can now enjoy 323 audio studies of him teaching through the bible, from Genesis to Revelation, verse by verse. These studies are preloaded onto a reusable 8 GB flash drive for convenience and we're taught during the years of 1975-1985.

Having been a pastor and bible teacher for more than sixty years, Chuck provides a wealth of biblical insight such as:

  • Hebrew and Greek Word Origins
  • Historical, Biblical Dates and Information
  • Archaeological Information
  • Church History
  • Biblical Introductions and Backgrounds
  • Biblical Exhortations and Practical Applications
  • Various Biblical Commentary Interpretations 
  • and more!

As you read the Bible, we hope these commentaries will help you grow in your knowledge and understanding of Gods Word!

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