The Vanishing Ministry in the 21st Century

Woodrow Kroll

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Class: Principles Of Youth Ministry

Teacher: Jose Cruz 

Tom Brokaw labeled them the "Greatest Generation", and for decades the vision and commitment of the World War II generation have changed the world. Christian ministries have flourished, and the gospel has circled the globe because of the lifelong service of the faithful believers in that generation.

But times—and generations—have changed. Today's inheritors of the Great Commission are not signing up for vocations in Christian service at anywhere near the rate as their immediate predecessors. Given this alarming trend-coupled with aggressive evangelization by other world religions-what's the future of the worldwide movement of the gospel message?

In this updated and revised edition, Dr. Kroll provides a careful overview and able assessment of the condition of Christian ministries. He offers a penetrating look at the current state of vocational Christian ministry and the changes we're making—and not making-around the world. He gives praise for progress made during the last decade and issues a renewed call for ongoing change

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