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Sexual Integrity: Balancing Your Passion with Purity (Hope for the Heart)

Sexual Integrity: Balancing Your Passion with Purity (Hope for the Heart)

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What happens when the temptation to give into premarital sex is stronger than your will to stop? How can you stay pure when overwhelmed by the passion to have sex before marriage? Everyone wants closeness and love, but is joining yourself with someone you're not married to really giving you the kind of love you long for? This handy minibook, Sexual Integrity: Balancing Your Passion with Purity, helps you find God's guidance and strength as you refrain from sex before marriage. It answers tough questions on sex and marriage with practical and Biblical advice.

Packed with easy-to-understand explanations, scriptures, charts, simple overviews, and diagrams, this Christian minibook will guide your steps to having healthy relationships before marriage. Author June Hunt's insight and Biblical advice will encourage you to live your life the way God intended so that you can experience sexual intimacy within marriage to the fullest.

Be equipped with knowledge on:
  • 12 reasons for giving in to sex and how to talk yourself out of it
  • 3 subtle seduction “hooks” to avoid
  • 5 Bible verses you should know
  • Where to draw the line: How far is too far?
  • The #1 root cause for not maintaining sexual integrity
  • 7 myths about sex
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

You can have God's power for purity when you trust that his commands will bring you the most joy and satisfaction. It's hard to abstain from sexual intimacy, but it is worth it.

Though God wants you to wait to have sex within the covenant of marriage, there is forgiveness if you've crossed the line. 
Sexual Integrity will help you know how and what to pray and what Scripture to memorize to help you have the assurance that God offers grace to all who love him. God can empower you to have victory over the past.


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