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PAMPHLET- Kings and Prophets Time Line

PAMPHLET- Kings and Prophets Time Line

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See over 60 of Israels key kings and prophets across seven centuries at a glance! This fold-out pamphlet filled with time line, charts, and a map covers key events & people from King David to Elijah! Imagine having a slimline time line with dozens of the top Old Testament kings and prophets with overviews (dates, key facts, Bible verses, etc.) at your fingertips that can easily fit inside most Bible covers!

Key Features:
  • Charts, simple summaries, time line, and map
  • Packed with fascinating facts and explanations
  • Scripture references, definitions, and more
  • 14 full-color pages; ultra-slimline to fit in the back of most Bibles
Easily see dozens of key people from Bible history at a glance, starting at the reigns of King Saul and King David to the prophet Malachi! This Kings & Prophets Time Line pamphlet provides an easy-to-follow overview of key dates, events, and leaders throughout Bible history. Filled with full-color illustrations and photographs, a map of Old Testament Israel and Judah, and more, this time line follows prophets, godly kings, and corrupt kings across the centuries as God unfolds his plans! There is no better time line of the kings and prophets for Bible studies, Sunday schools, new believers groups, and small groups!

4 Key Features of the Kings and Prophets Time Line Pamphlet

1. See Over 700 Years of History in a Full-Color, Illustrated Time Line

You already know that it’s important to know the background and history of the Old Testament kings and prophets because it’s an illustration of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty. But this history extends over centuries and includes dozens of important events and people, so remembering all the details is difficult to do. 
From King Saul and the prophet Hosea to the fall of the Divided Kingdoms and the Restoration of Jerusalem, enjoy this clear layout of over 70 important events and key kings and prophets at a glance!

2. Highly Visual Charts, Timelines, and Maps

Covering King David, Elijah, Solomon, Jeroboam, Malachi, and more―Find out key dates and events for every major king and prophet mentioned in the Bible at a glance! Covers Old Testament Israel and Judah; the United, Northern, and Southern Kingdoms; how each king and prophet fit into God’s plans; and much more! Covers:
  • 1100-400 BC. See 700 years of all the kings and prophets of Israel and Judah, from King Saul to the prophet Malachi
  • Definitions of what makes a king good or bad; culminates with Jesus, our King and Prophet
  • 4 Quick-reference charts:
    • 42 kings of the United Kingdom, Northern and Southern Kingdoms (includes dates, summary of reign, key Scriptures, final evaluation, and references)
    • 19 prophets (includes known dates, locations, key Scriptures, and message)
  • Map of Old Testament Israel and Judah shows all the locations mentioned in the pamphlet: Kingdoms of Saul, David, and Solomon as well as the Northern and Southern Kingdom borders
3. Easy-to-Read Summaries and Explanation of the Bibles Kings and Prophets

From explanations of what made a king “good” or “bad” to summaries of the various eras of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, get simple overviews on all the need-to-know facts at a glance! These easy-to-read explanations and fascinating facts will give you a better understanding of Bible history and add depth to your small group or individual study.

4. Packed with Fascinating Facts to Add Depth to Your Study
  • Cyrus, King of Persia, fulfilled Jeremiah’s prophecy when he allowed the Israelites to return to and rebuild Jerusalem and God’s temple.
  • King Joash, son of Ahaziah, was made king of Judah when he was just 7 years old.
  • Before becoming a prophet to deliver a message of God’s judgment over Israel, Amos was a farmer.
  • King David was the first to unify the twelve tribes of Israel, but shortly after his son Solomon’s death, civil war broke the United Kingdom in two: Judah and Israel.
Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, new believers classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question. Fits inside most Bibles covers. Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches.


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