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NLT New Believer's Bible Hardcover

NLT New Believer's Bible Hardcover

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TheĀ New Believerā€™s Bible Hardcover by Greg LaurieĀ is designed to help the new Christian read, study, and understand the Bible. It includes features that help Christians develop and deepen their faith, while providing a foundation for their new life in Christ.

TheĀ New Believerā€™s Bible HardcoverĀ contains a number of special features to give you the biblical knowledge you need to grow as a Christian:
  • ā€œCornerstonesā€ notesĀ cover the basics of Christian belief. Here you will learn about the Trinity, angels, Satan, Heaven, hell, forgiveness, peace, joy, love, and other essential teachings of the Bible.
  • ā€œFirst Stepsā€ notesĀ help you know God and his plan for you. Discover how to know you are saved, find the right church, study the Bible, resist temptation, talk with God, and much more.
  • ā€œOff & Running notesā€Ā show you how you can enjoy Godā€™s blessings and direction in all areas of your life: career, marriage, family, finances, and relationships.
  • ā€œBig Questionsā€ notesĀ tackle those difficult issues you may be dealing with right now as a new believer.
  • How You Can Know God:Ā Discover how to be saved and how to be assured of your salvation.
  • Glossary of Christian Terms:Ā An explanation of key biblical and doctrinal terms in language you can easily understand.
  • Topical Index:Ā A resource that highlights key biblical information.
  • Great Bible Stories:Ā A brief summary, Scripture reference, and page number for the best-loved stories from the New Testament.
  • Prophecies about Jesus:Ā A list of Old Testament prophecies about Jesus and how they were fulfilled in the New Testament.
  • Memory Verses:Ā Effective steps for memorizing Godā€™s Word; highlights nearly 100 important New Testament verses to commit to memory.
  • How to Study the Bible:Ā An easy-to-follow strategy for getting the most out of your Bible reading. It also includes two simple reading plans.
  • Book Introductions:Ā A concise overview of each book of the New Testament, including author, date, style, and summary of contents.


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