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NKJV, Evangelical Study Bible

NKJV, Evangelical Study Bible

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Be refreshed by the power and beauty of faithful Christ-centered teaching. Engage the issues of today. Build a firm foundation for this generationā€”and the next.

To be an evangelical is to believe in life-changing truth; it is to believe that the Bible not only gives us the key to eternal life in Jesus but also the way to live today. This is news worth sharing. But how do we do this in a rapidly changing culture that appears to be shifting from a general disinterest in the gospel to a more active opposition to it? When it feels like our faith is being challenged in every area, how should we respond?

The Evangelical Study BibleĀ will rejuvenate your faith through the unchanging truth of the gospel. With verse-by-verse commentary and interesting sidebars that dig deeper into the historical and contextual background of Scripture, it will help you grow in your understanding and appreciation of the life-changing truths of the Christian faith.

Also included are more than fifty articles designed to help you better understand your faith and effectively share it with others. Many of these articles address the most pressing issues of our day, equipping you to engage others with confidence, and laying a foundation of truth for the next generation.

Features include:

  • Verse-by-verse commentaryĀ on the entire Bible from trusted scholars for a better understanding of the passage being read
  • Over 200 short articles on Christian teachings and doctrineĀ for a systematic study of themes in Godā€™s Word
  • 100 articlesĀ to equip readers to navigate the cultural engagement issues of today
  • 100 cultural background notesĀ help you relate to how people lived in Bible times
  • 100 archeological notesĀ draw attention to biblical places and related archeological discoveries
  • 550 Word StudiesĀ to explore key terms of the Bible
  • Biographies of 150 biblical figuresĀ give overviews of key men and women in the Bible
  • Full-color maps, charts, and family treesĀ for a visual representation of concepts and where key events in the Bible took place
  • Book introductions, with outlines and reading plansĀ provide a concise overview of the background and historical context of the book about to be read
  • Topical indexesĀ make it easy to find important topics in Scripture
  • Extensive cross-referencesĀ drawing connections between texts
  • ConcordanceĀ provides an alphabetical listing of important passages by key words
  • Clear and readableĀ 10.5-point NKJV Comfort PrintĀ®


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