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What Does Jesus Say About...Christ Speaks To Us Today

What Does Jesus Say About...Christ Speaks To Us Today

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Have you ever said, "When I get to heaven, I'm going to ask Jesus about that." If so, you have much in common with many other Christians. But, will you be embarrassed, if after asking Jesus your question, He states: "I provided the answer to that question in the New Testament, but you didn't read it."
Jesus Christ gives many answers and insights for us in the Bible about our inquiries. In an A to Z format, "What does Jesus say about. . ." categorizes many of the key words, concepts and phrases of Christ from the New Testament on various issues and matters about life on earth, death, and eternity. Essentially, this resource contains a comprehensive listing of His teachings in the Gospels, Acts, 1 & 2 Corinthians and Revelation. While not as exhaustive as a traditional concordance, since every single word of Jesus is not listed, it catalogs primary words, phrases and ideas not specifically organized in a standard concordance. And, most entries provide cross-references to similar and related Bible passages.
Any serious student of the Bible will find this book to be helpful in studying the life, teachings and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. And, it will assist His followers to better answer questions others may ask about the Son of God and experiencing a relationship with Him.
This reference book categorizes the teachings and statements of Jesus Christ in the New Testament by topic utilizing key terms (nouns, verbs) and phrases.


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