Be Alive : Getting to Know the Living Savior is part of Warren Wiersbe's Be Series commentaries. This volume covers chapters 13-21 of the Gospel of John.

Be Transformed : John 13-21

Warren W. Wiersbe

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Warren Wiersbe's Be Series Commentaries have helped pastors, students, and people who love God's Word grow in their understanding of scripture! This volume covers chapters 13-21 of the Gospel of John.

How to pray, how to serve, how to overcome, how to love: Jesus taught the disciples these timeless lessons through hands-on experience and powerful parables that resonated in the hearts of multitudes. Most evident in John 13-21, however, is Christ's teaching on the transforming power of joy—how to have it, hold onto it, and never let it go.

The more time the disciples spent with Jesus, the deeper their friendships became. The deeper their friendships became, the more they resembled Jesus' character. It was a preparation period for the new reign of the Holy Spirit, who would come to comfort and dwell within them. It was preparation for their callings—the Great Commission. The calling of God's people hasn't changed since then, but you will change as you apply the lessons of this commentary on the greatest teacher who ever lived—Jesus Christ—and hold onto the joy that never forsakes.

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