The Parables of Jesus: Lessons in Life from the Master Teacher

The Parables of Jesus: Lessons in Life from the Master Teacher

J. Dwight Pentecost

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Class: Parables Of Jesus 

Teacher: Greg Torres 

Jesus Christ was the world's greatest teacher, and His teaching is still with us today in His parables. Eternal and heavenly truths are taught by means of these vivid, everyday stories that appeal to everyone. The parables of Jesus Christ have long challenged expositors, for in their simple form profound truths have been revealed. But the very simplicity of the parable form can be deceptive snare to interpreters. Instead of considering the context in which the parables arose and the background against which they were spoken, many have pressed the parables to teach viewpoints that were in their minds as interpreters but that did not originate in the text itself. In THE PARABLES OF JESUS, J. Dwight Pentecost takes a balanced, sane, and systematic approach. He describes the setting of each parable, that is, the context in which it is spoken and the background against which it was delivered. Pentecost then explains the problem or question each parable addresses and the solution it contains. Since the parables were primarily designed to instruct, emphasis is placed on the teaching rather than on the application. Here is J. Dwight Pentecost, expositor and teacher, at his best.

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