Love : the More Excellent Way

Love : the More Excellent Way

Chuck Smith
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Love The More Excellent Way - Paperback:
"Be in a hurry to read this book and you will catch the urge to put love into action." - John Tesh

"I put the Love book to the test this Christmas as I spent time with my very diverse family, and for the first time, I didn't argue with anyone! It was one of the best Christmases I've ever had!" - WFT Customer

"Spread the love to as many people as you can?this is the real thing!" - WFT Customer

Ever since the first human pair craned their necks skyward to bask in a silvery full moon, men and women have rhapsodized about love. We say (and sing!) that ?love makes the world go ?round,? that ?love is the answer,? that ?all you need is love.? You might even say we glory in ?the power of love.?

But what is love, really? And if it?s so popular, then why does it seem so hard to find?

Author and pastor Chuck Smith has spent a lifetime not only pondering the nature of genuine love?God?s love for us, our love for God, and God?s love poured out through us to others?but also learning through experience what true love is, what it does, and how it transforms everything it touches. In this rich, encouraging, and deeply practical book, he describes how every one of us can come to experience and share the kind of world-changing love that continuously pours from the very heart of God, the original Lover Himself.